6 thoughts on “Aloha Friday

  1. Frank Chan

    I successfully listened to Aloha Friday on KKUP one time since you moved to your new Broadwave Streaming Audio Server on a MS Windows XP but haven’t been able since. I have no problem listen to you on my Mac OS X system using iTunes. When I listen on MS Windows XP it brings up the Windows Media Player but it says it can’t find the server for some reason. I checked my firewall I don’t see any issue I know of. I tried to use Real Player & QuickTime to no avail. Any idea why I can’t listen on my MS Windows XP system but okay on my Mac? Any special ports I need to open that I don’t know of?

    Thank you for your assistance,

  2. King George

    Greeting Of Aloha!, thanks for the great Hawaiian Music & Sir Roberts Show got up early this day, and thought why not try the cocontyrls site up here in Paradise, got you loud and clear…Aloha for now, missed you this AM Uncle Vern, Auntie Luana ya did good taking care of The Ship’s Helm!!! say hello to uncle Fred…Aloha! King George

  3. Frank Chan

    Hello & Aloha,
    I’m trying to listen to Aloha Friday today Friday September 12, 2014 and I get nothing now. Is there is problem with the service.

    Mahalo and have a nice & safe weekend,


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